About the documentary
-Surviving veterans give their account of what happened during the time  they gave it their all.

-In the end their commanders were forced to surrender to the powerful Japanese Empire that had overrun most of Asia.  It was the biggest surrender of American Forces to a foreign power, ever.

-The film includes rare footage, and re-enacted scenes shot at sites in the United States and Asia.

Copyrighted 2009
The US 26th Cavalry Regiment, Philippine Scouts, were essentially sacrificed to cover the withdrawal of the Filipino and American forces to the Bataan peninsula.
Col. Edwin Price Ramsey, then a Lieutenant, led remnants of E & F troop 26th Cavalry to attack a Japanese advance guard on January 17, 1942.  It was the last horse mounted cavalry charge in US Army History. In his interview for FORGOTTEN SOLDIERS Col. Ramsey describes the events of that day and tells what happened.